Reading Round-Up Jan.2018

I started off the year with good intentions to finish at least one book  a week but once I finished my first book and was ready to dive into my second book I already felt burnt out. Too much pressure I believe to stick to the new year goals. One thing that I knew was missing was me listening to an audio book. The last part of 2017 I was listening to Stephen King’s IT but I was so over the book and I started to hate some of the characters so around mid-December I quit listening. It was easy because I was away from work and that is typically when I listen to my audio books.

The second week of January I downloaded some reading apps (will be writing a review and making suggestions) and got to looking for audio books that would be of interest to me. I downloaded two and I have already finished one of the audio books and half way finished with the second (happy dance). I have adjusted my exceptions that I may not be completing physical copies of books in one week but it may a combination of an audio book and traditional book over 2 weeks. My Goodreads goal is only 26 books a year so I think I will meet that goal if I follow that plan. Now with all of that being said here is what I have completed and attempted this month.



Naughts and Crosses  Malorie Blackman- this a YA novel about Sephy a cross and Callum a naught with reversal of the oppression of the races. The crosses are black people the race that is in power and controls their nation. The naughts are the white race the people that are oppressed. During the novel there is a form civil rights uprising/movement taking place. There are even slurs that the two groups have created for the other race. It is a very interesting read especially with the current social and racial climate here in American and other multi-cultural nations. I recommend this to adults if you like YA or if you want to grab it for teen in your family. Naughts and Crosses is the first book series I’m not sure  if I will continue the series but this first novel does have me interested in reading the others in the series.

Loving Donovan Bernice L McFadden- Campbell and Donovan are the main female and male characters in the book. The book is in three sections the first goes over Campbell’s childhood, the second goes into Donovan’s childhood and the third section is them as adults, their meeting along with series of events that take place after. Both experienced some trauma as children that has affected them as adults and how they go about relationships. I had some feelings about the ending to the book but I do recommend it. I listened audio book the narrator was easy to listen.

Didn’t Finish: 

The Changling Victor LaVelle- this book starts off as a traditional novel to me but midway shifts gears and turns into a something like a magical/fantasy novel. I think that is what took me and made it difficult for me to continue. I love fantasy/sci-fiction but I need that to be that way from the start not a shift midway through. I may try to re-read this because the reviews are great for the book.


Silver Sparrow(audio book)  and Purple Hibiscus I will have reviews for these next month.

What did you read this month? How did you feel about your books and have you adjusted your reading goals for 2018?

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