The best planner supplies websites

If you are like me you enjoy decorating your planner, and changing up your planner theme from time to time. We all know about Michael’s,Hobby Lobby, and Joanne’s they are great for sticker books and paper pads, but there are some websites that have awesome supplies to help make your planner more personal. Even thought I do decorate I’m more of minimalist decorator and like to keep my planners supplies kind of neutral. The sites I’m including work great if you are like me a minimalist or if you  like a little more touch of color.

  • Cloth and Paper: THROUGH MINIMAL DESIGN AND LUXE FINISHINGS, WE AIM TO CHANGE THE LOOK AND FEEL OF PLANNING. WE OFFER LEATHER PLANNERS, PAPER INSERTS, FOILED DIVIDERS, AND OTHER PLANNER ACCESSORIES- the description is taken straight from the C&P website. I have used the dividers, folders and inserts the quality is amazing. They can be pricey but I feel the cost is definitely worth the quality product that you receive. C&P also offer subscriptions boxes so if you are into that you also have that option. This is black female owned business also.
  • Sessa Vee:  Another shop that has beautiful supplies, but they also sale stickers that are neutral and they are very functional. I used the inserts last year and really loved them.  They have the cutest note/sticky pads to complement any planner style.  I’m not pens but if that is your jam you can also order pens from this site. The prices for their products  aren’t bad here either.
  • Capitol Chic Designs: One of the sites I go to for my planner doll supplies. The doll and stickers are beautiful she often has current artist, movies and music references in sticker form also. The customer service is also wonderful. Please check out this site because once again black female owned business.
  • Blitsy: Blitsy is similar to Michael’s/HL but only they are online as far as I know. You can find the Happy Planner line here along with some smaller less familiar planner supply lines. They are always having a sale; I have never paid full price for any item. They also have other craft related items and free shipping starts at like 25.00 dollars. So if are looking for an online alternative to the major big box craft store Blitsy is the place for you.
  • Honorable Mention: Etsy  I debated on including Etsy because everyone in the planner community knows about the website. However it is a great platform to find awesome supplies from small business owners. Plenty of great sticker shops, travelers notebooks and all types of traditional planners.

What are your favorite sites to visit for your planner supplies? Happy planning!


Happy Love Day

noun: agape
  1. Christian love, especially as distinct from erotic love or emotional affection.
    As we take time today to celebrate love, show love, and express love lets show agape love everyday. I do believe people have forgotten how to love unconditionally. It’s a what is in it for me attitude. Human nature desires love and not always romantic love but just agape love of fellow man. Happy Valentines Day!

My favorite reading apps

Overdrive or Libby(by Overdrive) allows you to link your library card and check eBooks or audio books. You can only check out books that your library offers.  They also offer holds if the book is currently checked out. Libby is easier to use on your phone or tablet but they are compatible and sync between devices so you have don’t have to worry about finding where you left off.

RBdigital (previously Zinio) you can also link to your library. Here you have the option of checking out eBooks, magazines and audio books. I hated Zinio but so far RBdigital has been easy to use. The only drawback is it doesn’t sync between devices.

Goodreads allows you to keep track of books you are reading. You can review books and read reviews from other members. The are also groups/book clubs you can join. If you have been looking for a reading community this is it. pexels-photo-12627.jpeg

These are the apps I’m using to help me reach my 2018 reading goals. What are your favorite apps to use for reading?

Week 5 Run Down

My week was quiet spent some time reflecting on my goals for 2018 and my current planner situation as we move into the second month of the year. Here are few other things I dabbled in this week!

Television: The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story – Season 2 I remember some details of this but not many. The acting has been wonderful. I knew when I saw Judith Light episode 3 I was in for a treat.

Books: I finished Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones. I didn’t quit love this but it held my attention. I hated all of the characters and felt the resolution was meh. This was second time reading a book by Ms. Jones. Right now I’m 50/50 on her but her new book is on the way via Book of the Month subscription.

Podcast: Still Processing, Jenna and Wesleypexels-photo-577769.jpeg came of the gate swinging after their break. I have enjoyed all of the new episodes so far. Even when I don’t always agree they do make you think about things in pop culture a little differently.

Food: I’m finishing up my final week of Whole 30. This has really shown me a lot about my diet and things that I’m okay with not eating on a regular basis. I have slipped up few times but overall I have been committed.


Winter Natural Hair Routine

textile-3106934_640We still have a few weeks left before Old Man says good bye so I thought I would share my routine for anyone who maybe struggling with one during this harsh winter.

  • Shampoo: I wash once a week with shampoo to make sure my hair is clean because I tend to use heavier products to keep the moisture in my hair and protect my hair from the cold wind and temperatures. You want to get all of the old products and oils off your hair and scalp to avoid build up which can become drying and make your hair appear dull. So I shampoo vs co-washing.
  • Deep condition: Deep conditioning is important year around but even more so in the winter because of how cold and dry the air can be inside and outside. I use my hot head for an extra boost to get the product penetrated into my strands.
  • Leave-in:  Always use a leave-in! I know this may seem crazy but I prefer the spray leave-ins in the winter because I do use heavier styling products this prevents extra build up. Also if you read the ingredients on the spray leave-in they contain better oils and wates or aloe juice that sometimes aren’t in the cream leave-in.
  • Style: I alternated between wash and go, twist outs and protective styling. I will typically check the weather for the upcoming week( my wash day is typically on Saturday). If the majority of the week will be below 50 degrees I do a protective style ( bun or flat twist pinned up. Temperature over 50 I go with wash and go or twist out. I always sit under the dryer post styling to help my style set and products better penetrate vs air drying.
  • Night care: For twist outs only re-twist twice during that 5-7 day time frame other nights I will pineapple my hair taking care to tuck my ends under. Wash and go will pineapple but also cover with my satin bonnet. Protective style I will just wrap a satin scarf around my style and go to bed. I like to cover my hair because the heat can be extremely drying on the hair and skin. I always sleep on a satin pillowcase so the nights I don’t have an extra layer of protection I’m not worried about my hair drying out to bad. comb-350077_640

I hope this helps anyone looking for some steps to help with your winter natural hair routine. The ultimate goal is making sure your hair is has plenty of moisture and your ends are sealed against the cold and wind.  I have linked a few of my favorite products to use in each section.