Twitter Fast/Detox

During service Sunday my pastor challenged us to fast from something. I’m just not one to fast from food I’m not mentally there yet, however I decided I would fast from Twitter this week. I’m going to see how feel at the end of the week and I may extend Twitter or choose another one of the time suckers I participate in to fast from. I just totally removed the app from my phone which is the only place I use social media. I’m going on short vacation at towards the end of the week.  I hope not having Twitter I can fully participate in the family time with family instead of constantly looking at my phone for the last political and entertainment news. I also hope to be more productive with my reading and get some writing done before I head out of town. I’m really ashamed of how much time spend on Twitter especially in the evening.

apps blur button close up
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Have you ever done a social media fast/detox and if so what was your experience like? If you haven’t ever done a social media fast would you ever try why or why not?

Have a great week!

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