My Flag?

The American flag and National Anthem have been hot button topics for the the last year and half. I’m a resident of South Carolina so growing there wasn’t anything for me to see the Confederate flag in the yards of our neighbors and I don’t know anybody that didn’t love The Dukes of Hazard. We also were required to stand for the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance in school and if you didn’t you could get sent to the office.

I’m now  40 years old and realize that none of the flags (state/federal) or anthems actually represent me or reflect my beliefs for me and my family. I’m envious when I meet people from other countries and continents that know where their ancestors are from. They can proudly wear clothes or post their national flags. I refuse to do any of the DNA test because one I don’t want my DNA the system and two how accurate is the information. I’m okay with knowing that my ancestors were born and raised in South Carolina, even if I never have a flag to post or special attire to wear.

photo of cloudy skies over american flag
Photo by bruce mars on


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