Goals 2019

I just wanted to share of few of my goals for 2019 nothing too deep but just small things I want to incorporate into my life in 2019.

Reading goals:

  • One non-fiction book and one graphic novel every month
  • Read 52 books in 2019
  • Read more books by non-black minority authors
  • Continue reading journal

Beauty goals:

  • Skin care and make-up by black owned companies only
  • Use up my hair product stash before buying new products
  • Consistent night time skin care


  • Publish two to three post per month
  • Get better at photography
  • Take a writing class
  • Just write consistently!

3 responses to “Goals 2019”

  1. My dear sis in Christ..this list is amazing and can seriously change one’s life if put into practice….I’m here to encourage you to keep on keeping on…hope u are putting some into practice


    1. Thank you for message. I haven’t put everything into practice but I’m getting there thank you again for words of encouragement.


      1. One quarter of the year is gone
        But u can pick like two goals to work on.this quarter and chose concrete actions to take each week


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