Sweet Dreams

Going to sleep with natural hair can be so unsexy sometimes. Those twist or braids aren’t cute but there are ways to make bedtime a little sexier. If you are trying to cover up your twist or braids I have a few recommendations for you.

The black satin scarf: you can tie this up to look anyway you like while protecting your hair. It doesn’t have to cost you much either you can try the fabric store or Amazon offers this one for just 7.99. Make sure ou get it large enough to fit your hair and that you can tuck sides that it doesn’t come unraveled while you are sleep.

Slap cap: This looks like knit cap but is satin lined which makes it the perfect cover up for around the house or to bed. The price point is 24.00 but she often has sales. They even offer offer small sizes for the little ones. Another plus to slap cap is it comes in a variety of colors.

If you have been looking for something that doesn’t have you going bed looking Celie these are two options to consider. How do you keep bedtime cute when going to be with natural hair.

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