The Pauline Tea-Bar Experience

Often, we can overlook hidden gems in our city. I call myself a tea lover but had failed to visit a local tea bar until this weekend. I visited The Pauline Tea-Bar in my city which is Charlotte, NC. This is a hidden gem that others need to discover. There are comfy couches and chairs located in the tea bar with outdoor seating also available.

When I entered the tea bar I was welcomed with a pleasant aroma and a homey feeling. The owner Sherri Waters greeted my husband and I warmly. She shared the menu with us and explained the ordering process. You have the choice of a mug of tea or a pot. There were so many wonderful choices. I chose Yerba Mate with oat milk while my husband selected the Se-Chung Oolong. We decided to each have a pot tea. There was an additional touch that made the visit fun is no mug is a like the other and you can select the mug that speaks to you.

While the tea is enjoyable it is the overall vibe of the tea bar that makes the place so special. There was a young lady there who was hosting journal prompt writing class. There were beautiful paintings in the tea bar and the painter of the artwork was in the tea bar to host a painting class.  We were able to talk with the painter and gain his perspective on some of the works that spoke to us. We ended up purchasing a painting that spoke to both me and my husband.

The last thing that makes The Pauline Tea-Bar so special is that there is no Wi-Fi available. The owner states she would like people to come in relax and “all we wanted was a space to refuel our community neighbor’s cups” This is a place I will be visiting again not just for a great cup of tea but also to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

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