#24in48 Readathon

I am attempting my first readathon this weekend July 21-22. Who knows how it will go because even though I don’t have anything planned something always comes up. I hauled a few of books from library earlier this week so that is where I will be picking my books from. Here are my choices:

Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett I believe this is a cozy mystery that is the first in a series about actress Dayna Anderson.

Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson this is a YA book about a tween named Jade and that’s all I know.

Lazaretto by Diane McKinney Whetstone I know nothing about this book but the cover is beautiful and makes me want to read this.

If you interested in participating in the 24 in 48 Readathon I will leave the link you can still sign-up! Happy reading!





Social Media Break

The last week of June I decided to remove my Twitter from phone as a sacrifice . The following week I removed Instagram and last Sunday I deactivated my Facebook. At this point I guess I’m taking a social media break. I still have Pintrest on my phone but it doesn’t have the same draw as the other three so it will remain. I have been doing a little more reading. Taking more walks so we will see if at the end of July I even feel like going back to social media. I’m not going to pretend I don’t miss Twitter and Instagram because I do. Also because I don’t watch traditional TV and I got my news from Twitter I had to find a way to get the news so I have begin checking my local newspaper and CNN twice a day but for no more than thirty minutes just to make sure I’m not missing out on breaking news. Have a wonderful week, if you can’t take break from social media for a month try just for a day or weekend.

Road Trip!

We took a trip to Savannah this past weekend to celebrate my moms 70th birthday. I wanted to share a few highlights of trip if you are thinking about visiting the Savannah.

Sweet Potatoes Kitchen we visited on Thursday afternoon and the special was fried chicken. We all ordered the chicken. My sister and I enjoyed the chicken my mom wasn’t as impressed. The sides were pretty tasty too. I don’t eat banana pudding but my sister and tried it and they commented the flavor was different from traditional banana pudding but still good. img_0818

Goose Feathers Cafe and Bakery we needed somewhere to eat breakfast because the breakfast in our hotel was very expensive. This was still a little pricey for breakfast but the portion size is good and food taste awesome. img_0882If you are staying the historic district give them a try but prepared for a line if you get there later in the morning.

First African Baptist Church tour gives a history of the church and how it has played a part in the underground railroad and black history. You don’t do a ton of walking but if you have a problem with stairs they do have an elevator. The church is ripe with history dating back to slavery. There are still tribal markings on the pews. The information provided by the guide is wonderful. If you have kids please take them on this tour. Also for the amount of information you receive the tour is super affordable.


Tybee Beach this isn’t the best beach in terms of cleanliness but it close enough that if you are visiting Savannah you can drive down and spend a few hours or the whole day on the beach.  img_0868




My Flag?

The American flag and National Anthem have been hot button topics for the the last year and half. I’m a resident of South Carolina so growing there wasn’t anything for me to see the Confederate flag in the yards of our neighbors and I don’t know anybody that didn’t love The Dukes of Hazard. We also were required to stand for the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance in school and if you didn’t you could get sent to the office.

I’m now  40 years old and realize that none of the flags (state/federal) or anthems actually represent me or reflect my beliefs for me and my family. I’m envious when I meet people from other countries and continents that know where their ancestors are from. They can proudly wear clothes or post their national flags. I refuse to do any of the DNA test because one I don’t want my DNA the system and two how accurate is the information. I’m okay with knowing that my ancestors were born and raised in South Carolina, even if I never have a flag to post or special attire to wear.

photo of cloudy skies over american flag
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com


Must Read #1 March Graphic Novel Series

I’m late to the game on this one but if you are late like me then get caught up.  The graphic novel series March based off the early civil rights work of Representative John Lewis is so good. In today’s social and political climate I have wondered how were the elders able to protest and fight for change. This series gives a behind the scenes of some of that the thoughts and ideas that went into their protest. It also shows how they trained and prepared the young adults to go out and protest nonviolently. The violence that the federal government is raining down on the people of the United States of America is nothing new and this series spells it out in detail. Also for all the Republican who say we used to be the party for black people the graphic novel discusses when and where that shift officially took place. Please if you are like me and hate reading history this is an easy way to gain some great knowledge without it being overwhelming. The pictures are black and white and that is fine with me because they do include graphic killings and incidents that took place during the civil rights movement. Please if you haven’t picked up the series get your hands on it and gain a little more knowledge on the civil rights movement of the past and maybe it will inspire to participate in the movement that we need right on in the good ole USofA.

photo of four persons uniting hands
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Twitter Fast/Detox

During service Sunday my pastor challenged us to fast from something. I’m just not one to fast from food I’m not mentally there yet, however I decided I would fast from Twitter this week. I’m going to see how feel at the end of the week and I may extend Twitter or choose another one of the time suckers I participate in to fast from. I just totally removed the app from my phone which is the only place I use social media. I’m going on short vacation at towards the end of the week.  I hope not having Twitter I can fully participate in the family time with family instead of constantly looking at my phone for the last political and entertainment news. I also hope to be more productive with my reading and get some writing done before I head out of town. I’m really ashamed of how much time spend on Twitter especially in the evening.

apps blur button close up
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Have you ever done a social media fast/detox and if so what was your experience like? If you haven’t ever done a social media fast would you ever try why or why not?

Have a great week!