Must Read #1 March Graphic Novel Series

I’m late to the game on this one but if you are late like me then get caught up.  The graphic novel series March based off the early civil rights work of Representative John Lewis is so good. In today’s social and political climate I have wondered how were the elders able to protest and fight for change. This series gives a behind the scenes of some of that the thoughts and ideas that went into their protest. It also shows how they trained and prepared the young adults to go out and protest nonviolently. The violence that the federal government is raining down on the people of the United States of America is nothing new and this series spells it out in detail. Also for all the Republican who say we used to be the party for black people the graphic novel discusses when and where that shift officially took place. Please if you are like me and hate reading history this is an easy way to gain some great knowledge without it being overwhelming. The pictures are black and white and that is fine with me because they do include graphic killings and incidents that took place during the civil rights movement. Please if you haven’t picked up the series get your hands on it and gain a little more knowledge on the civil rights movement of the past and maybe it will inspire to participate in the movement that we need right on in the good ole USofA.

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The Autobiography of Gucci Mane

The jacket states “for the first time Gucci Mane tells his extraordinary story in his own words.”  The first part of the autobiography I feel we really get that. Gucci discusses his family and those relationships from when he was in Alabama and then after his move to Atlanta. Gucci does go into details about his steps to becoming a rap artist and troubles with law. He speaks candidly about his time in solitary confinement and the effects it had on him. He also went it to detail about his drug use and how it effected his body and personality.

Gucci does discuss some beefs and issues he had with people in the music business but I would have loved to read more about his family relationships. He mentions his mother and brother occasionally in passing after the first act but not much. He also mentions a son that we don’t read about again until the last chapter. Gucci talks about meeting Keisha and how they were kind of off again on again due to his drug use but that is basically the only look we get into the relationship. Maybe they didn’t want the book too long and it is definitely and easy read.

Overall I enjoyed the autobiography but I just would have liked Gucci to go deeper. I do recommend this especially if you are a child of hip hop or just enjoy taking a peek into the rap lifestyle.

#MarchMysteryMadness Wrap-Up

I was excited for the #MarchMysteryMadness reading challenge. I have wanted to read more African-American mystery writers and this month gave me an excuse to do just that. I will start with my favorite which was Blanche Among the Talented Tenth. I read the first book in the Blanche White series last year and wasn’t impressed. I wasn’t going to read anymore in the series but I’m glad I gave second book a chance. The second book in the Blanche White series was sooo good. It tackles the topic of colorism, romance and friendships in the black community. A little mystery is also tied in but it doesn’t overwhelm the story and it is tied in slowly. My second favorite was Forty Acres it is about an upcoming black attorney, Martin Grey, who is invited to join a secret society with other black men. They take a trip that exposes Martin to the truth behind their group. I think this would have been better as series because the third act could have used some additional development it just felt rushed to end. I still enjoyed the premise and was a fresh concept. Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles was an easy read but some of the plot just wasn’t believable and the decisions that were made were silly. This is the first book in the Mahalia Watkins series not sure if I will be reading any of the other books but you never. I started The Cutting Season but haven’t been able to finish it I may try to finish it in April. I checked all the copies out from my local library. I listened to Kindred by Octavia Butler this isn’t a traditional mystery but it was definitely terrifying what Dana(the main character) experienced. I’m sure you have heard of Octavia Butler if not please check her out. In Kindred Dana is bouncing between 1976 and a period of time during slavery. That is all I will say but yeah you see why it can could be terrifying. These were my reads for #MarchMysteryMadness. I look forward to participating again next year and finding some new authors to enjoy.

Happy reading!

My favorite reading apps

Overdrive or Libby(by Overdrive) allows you to link your library card and check eBooks or audio books. You can only check out books that your library offers.  They also offer holds if the book is currently checked out. Libby is easier to use on your phone or tablet but they are compatible and sync between devices so you have don’t have to worry about finding where you left off.

RBdigital (previously Zinio) you can also link to your library. Here you have the option of checking out eBooks, magazines and audio books. I hated Zinio but so far RBdigital has been easy to use. The only drawback is it doesn’t sync between devices.

Goodreads allows you to keep track of books you are reading. You can review books and read reviews from other members. The are also groups/book clubs you can join. If you have been looking for a reading community this is it. pexels-photo-12627.jpeg

These are the apps I’m using to help me reach my 2018 reading goals. What are your favorite apps to use for reading?

Week 5 Run Down

My week was quiet spent some time reflecting on my goals for 2018 and my current planner situation as we move into the second month of the year. Here are few other things I dabbled in this week!

Television: The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story – Season 2 I remember some details of this but not many. The acting has been wonderful. I knew when I saw Judith Light episode 3 I was in for a treat.

Books: I finished Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones. I didn’t quit love this but it held my attention. I hated all of the characters and felt the resolution was meh. This was second time reading a book by Ms. Jones. Right now I’m 50/50 on her but her new book is on the way via Book of the Month subscription.

Podcast: Still Processing, Jenna and Wesleypexels-photo-577769.jpeg came of the gate swinging after their break. I have enjoyed all of the new episodes so far. Even when I don’t always agree they do make you think about things in pop culture a little differently.

Food: I’m finishing up my final week of Whole 30. This has really shown me a lot about my diet and things that I’m okay with not eating on a regular basis. I have slipped up few times but overall I have been committed.


Reading Round-Up Jan.2018

I started off the year with good intentions to finish at least one book  a week but once I finished my first book and was ready to dive into my second book I already felt burnt out. Too much pressure I believe to stick to the new year goals. One thing that I knew was missing was me listening to an audio book. The last part of 2017 I was listening to Stephen King’s IT but I was so over the book and I started to hate some of the characters so around mid-December I quit listening. It was easy because I was away from work and that is typically when I listen to my audio books.

The second week of January I downloaded some reading apps (will be writing a review and making suggestions) and got to looking for audio books that would be of interest to me. I downloaded two and I have already finished one of the audio books and half way finished with the second (happy dance). I have adjusted my exceptions that I may not be completing physical copies of books in one week but it may a combination of an audio book and traditional book over 2 weeks. My Goodreads goal is only 26 books a year so I think I will meet that goal if I follow that plan. Now with all of that being said here is what I have completed and attempted this month.



Naughts and Crosses  Malorie Blackman- this a YA novel about Sephy a cross and Callum a naught with reversal of the oppression of the races. The crosses are black people the race that is in power and controls their nation. The naughts are the white race the people that are oppressed. During the novel there is a form civil rights uprising/movement taking place. There are even slurs that the two groups have created for the other race. It is a very interesting read especially with the current social and racial climate here in American and other multi-cultural nations. I recommend this to adults if you like YA or if you want to grab it for teen in your family. Naughts and Crosses is the first book series I’m not sure  if I will continue the series but this first novel does have me interested in reading the others in the series.

Loving Donovan Bernice L McFadden- Campbell and Donovan are the main female and male characters in the book. The book is in three sections the first goes over Campbell’s childhood, the second goes into Donovan’s childhood and the third section is them as adults, their meeting along with series of events that take place after. Both experienced some trauma as children that has affected them as adults and how they go about relationships. I had some feelings about the ending to the book but I do recommend it. I listened audio book the narrator was easy to listen.

Didn’t Finish: 

The Changling Victor LaVelle- this book starts off as a traditional novel to me but midway shifts gears and turns into a something like a magical/fantasy novel. I think that is what took me and made it difficult for me to continue. I love fantasy/sci-fiction but I need that to be that way from the start not a shift midway through. I may try to re-read this because the reviews are great for the book.


Silver Sparrow(audio book)  and Purple Hibiscus I will have reviews for these next month.

What did you read this month? How did you feel about your books and have you adjusted your reading goals for 2018?

Journey with me

I’m going on journey to read more, plan more just enjoy life more and want to take you along with me. I will be discussing books I’m currently reading and also reviewing those books. I will  also be showing my planner supplies stash, discuss my setups and how I’m using my planners I use bunch (don’t judge me). There will also be an occasional discussion or review on some beauty stuff because I think I’m a cute middle aged nerd!